The start is always easy.

I started cleaning and packing up last night.
Moving into the new apartment next week! Eggcited.

Some things I like about the new apartment:

  • Bus stop located right in front of the house. Makes me want to ride the bus to ici everyday.
  • The haunted look of the exterior. Very classy.
  • Wooden floors! Haha…but now I have to go buy some slippers. -_-
  • 2 blocks away from Kroeber (my art studio building) & Cafe Strada (where I might go every other day)
  • 1.4 blocks away from my work building (10 more precious minutes of sleep!)
But there are some things I fear about it as well:
  • Not enough space. I dreamt few nights ago that the place was too small to fit all our furniture. The dream is most likely very accurate.
  • 4 girls sleeping in one room. We’re going to play camp every night.
But nonetheless, I am looking forward to adventures with these lovely ladies:

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