The Bag Hunt is on.

I am currently looking for a new bag to own.

I’ve been hunting on, where the fashion community comes together & archives very fashion products from online stores + boutiques. You can create your own account to bookmark the products you <3 & follow other fashionistas to see what products they find + keep.

I use it to keep a tab on the things I happen to like while browsing/want to consider about more later. Svpply acts as my wishlist for EVERY ONLINE SHOP.

And they have an editor’s pick section, where they pick the best of the best, which I <3! browsing through, & I always find things to bookmark for myself. Like:

{yanko} It’s called a Tea Bag Coffin.

{anthro} Musings tray. CUTE.

{etsy} Art! I’m always for it.

{netaporter} And SHOES! Can’t forget SHOES!

And so back to the bag hunt. I’ve found some bags so far, but I don’t feel settled with any of them.
And I semi-desperately need a new bag with pockets, since I am currently struggling to make things work with a J.Crew canvas tote bag that has zero pockets, making it very difficult for me to find my keys or phone or pen in a single attempt. Constant battle with the other twenty items taking up room in my bag.

So I’ve found some contenders with potentials to win. over. my. heart. Thx 2 svpply.
{asos} The River Island bag. Pro: not too flashy or too plain looking. Con: handheld/below-the-elbow-held. I’m looking for something for my shoulders.

{topshop} The Black Shopper bag. Pro: black. Con: the chain looks tacky. & the bag looks a bit small overall.

{asos} The Mischa Barton bag. Pro: looks great. Con: too small. :(

 {etsy} The Rina XL bag. Pro: homemade! Supporting local artists! Yeah! & it fits a 15” macbookpro. (which awaits my ownership!) Con: $$$.

I was also looking for a WIDER bag so I can casually carry around my Nikon dSLR as well. But the wide ones don’t seem to be “in” this season. :P

*btw, my svpply username: nomnom. Follow me so I can follow you!

And so, the bag hunt is to be continued…


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