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I don’t know about the Muppets the movie buuut…
I’m liking what I read about the soundtrack!  {via COS}


 Can’t Help Falling in Love – Ingrid Michaelson
Summertime makes me think of Ingrid’s version of Elvis’ love.
&& Daytrotter offers FREE(fav word!) download.


Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 & Feat. Christina
[Nice whistling is the best.  & the video looks prettty cool.]
I’ve always liked Sunday Morning + sometimes This Love.  But I was never a real fan…until THE VOICE!  (<singing the way they say “this is the Voice!” on the show)
[P.S.  It was awkward/funny watching Christina get awkwardly rejected by Adam at the end of the Moves Like Jagger performance on the Voice.  She was trying to hug him but he wasn’t looking/turning away.]
I’m starting to like Makes Me Wonder too.


 Stay Young, Go Dancing – Death Cab for Cutie
From their new album, Codes and Keys.
I was half-sleeping,  half-drooling =X in the car yesterday,  as friends + I were traveling to the O.C.  Driver friend was playing this song over and over,  and in my half-sleep,  I grew a liking to it.  Especially when he sings, Cause when she sings I hear a symphony,  And I’m swallowed in sound as it echoes through me,


[I like drumming toddler Jusin Bieber the best.]
Down to Earth – Justin Bieber
I thought I should mention the kid wonder since I watched his Never Say Never movie last night.  (by *physical* force)  And I have to admit:  I’ve become a bit of a belieber.  (I can never spell his last name right on the first try. The ie/ei always gets tricky.)
Minus the 10M+ simply CRAZY/obsessed/emotional fans,  cheesy lyrics (“u smile, i smile?” blek.),  and being too young for girls to be obsessed over,  he’s actually quite talented.  I liked how the film showed that he wasn’t made up by the music industry in order to make bank $$ off of his hair + clothes + good whiteboy looks,  but that he’s simply & naturally gifted with music.  [Footages of him playing the drums as a toddler was kind of amazing. He’s so little, yet so good.]  The rest of the movie wasn’t bad either.
But it was just TOOOO LOOOONG.  If it had only been an hour long,  I would’ve liked it better.  (but it’s 1hr.45mins long! sheesh)  And watching 10M+ girls  (of ALL ages)  scream/bawl at the sight of the kid wonder was ridiculous.  I couldn’t have been more amazed.

btw,  I am currently BAKING  (not the cupcake-making activity)  in this SOCAL HEAT.  Take me away to a colder place.


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