In LA + Pick of the Week + Nice Feeling

LA parking is ridiculous. $4 for 2 hours? :( sheesh.
But finding this in my Reader today made me feel better.  Felt like a reward for spending so much on a meter.

I’m finally at a Starbucks after 2 hours of searching, driving, stopping for lunch.  A sit-in Starbucks in LA is a hard find.  (Most of them are to-go stands)
I ordered a iced soy vanilla latte, and picked up a Pick of the Week card featuring Bon Iver’s Calgary.  I think I’ve collected at least a dozen of these cards (but never used them)…

Look at this:

{from m to y}

while listening to this:
Ruby, My Dear – John Coltrane

It gives you a nice feeling.  :)

What do you do when you’re alone at a cafe, and need to pee?  :( #whatdilemma


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