Sea Salt Season

My 4 encounters with SEA SALT this Summer:

1. SEA SALT from the DEAD SEA lotion + scrub.  A few weeks ago, Miss sparkle eyes & I stopped by the Century City Westfield for a short time, and we were passing by the many merchandise carts that most malls have in their hallways, and Miss sparkle eyes insisted on stopping to try the dead sea salt scrub at one of the carts.  The saleswoman there was more than happy to see us (since we stopped on our own, without her having to coerce us over) and showed us how it worked/had us try a small sample then & there.  And then offered us 50% off on the products.  We kindly said no.  She got >:( and ended our meeting with an unhappy “ok, bye”.

2. SEA SALT from the beach.  Went to Corona Del Mar (O.C.) last Saturday with old faces (figuratively and literally.  haha!  jk.)  The beach is always so nice.  Great for being active or relax+sunbathing. :)

3. Iced SEA SALT coffee from 85°C in Irvine.  Everyone who ordered it fell in love with it.

4. SEA SALT July calendar found via.


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