A day at Pixar (explained with pixtures)

Last Saturday, I had the AMAZING opportunity to visit Pixar in Emeryville, CA. Not many know that Pixar is my dream job. SIGH!
Anyways, I took some pictures with my phone and instagrammed them. Here are the pictures of things we were permitted to take.

We started off the big day with some big plates to fill us up.
We went through many troubles to eat here:
(not in any way related to WALL-E but they had a poster of wall-e there!)
(yummy but pricy baklava!) (and nice owner man who gave us more baklava!)

And to the day’s main event….the home of all things wonderful…
(*trumpet sounding*)

Me touching the fences of all things wonderful!

Driving past the security booth…

….with our visitor passes!

Roommate is excited!

Miss Alice’s wonderful parking.

Walking on the roads of Pixar like bosses. (with the exception of some. lol)

The actual award trophies. I’ve never been this close…… *drool

David squeezing the trophy man’s bottom with his mustache on. That’s not creepy. haha

View from above.

Here are some famous people we got to meet:

We got to go in Pixar bathrooms!!!

We also got packaged.

And we ate Pixar cereal.

The group enjoying some Pixar cereal with our tour guide!

Then we took some pictures with the extremely famous bouncy star ball. No biggie.

Group Pixture:

The End. 

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