Back in the game.

{i love vimeo. & i love shorts }


Hello! Long time no write!

I have been quite the busy-bee lately. Not really.
I finished midterms about 3 weeks ago,
then immediately proceeded to bask in the freedom of finishing them,
and never thought of bouncing back to face the world and stuffs, and lost track of this and that– this blooog being one of them.

Other things I had forgotten about during my 3 weeks in the clouds (unfortunately, not the lovey-dovey kind):

– my decaying bananas that I had left to rot in “plans” of making banana bread
– reading the Hunger Games
– picking up my order of contacts at the tang center
– & a bunch of other things…

BUT, I can maybe explain why I had been in such ‘floating around, not getting myself together’ state.

I went running for the first time in months. It was KINDof crazy. The people I went running with took me all around campus = 2.5 miles. It took me a while to recover. I slept like a bear for a week following the mini-marathon. Naps helped me survive. Tons of it.

And then my best friend’s boyfriend put a ring on my best friend!!!
(sad thing was I could not be there where she was to celebrate WITH her, since we are separated by a huge gap of California. :T) Even though we all expected it to happen, I am nonetheless very happy for them. :}

(but now, more reasons to pick up running again…)

In other exciting news, we are starting screenprinting in my printmaking class! It’s super cool and super awesome looking, but extremely tedious. I have to go in to studio today to degrease and emulsify my screen. OoOooOh, sounds cool, huh?

Yeah, degreasing and emlusifying. No biggie. B-\

{ du du du… can’t really think up a smooth transition }

Well! That was all I really wanted to share. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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