Ze Hunger Games

I’m halfway through the book.  And I’m sweating figurative bullets.

Because it’s getting intense and I’ve developed my favorite character and this is a book where most if not all characters die.

I hope my favorite doesn’t die. But I know there’s a high chance of him dying in the most intense manner.

That’s what happened to Sirius Black. And that’s what made me stop reading the HP series at book five. (and they didn’t make him as good-looking/dapper in the movie as they made him out to be in the books!)

And they can’t kill off my favorite character since there are two more books, right?

They can’t make us fall in love with him and have him disappear like that, right?



My character did something risky just now. I hope he doesn’t die in the next chapter.


Btw, happy finals’ week, everyone. :T


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