Unexpected Things.

{bridge from wildwood}

Today didn’t go as planned but,

all is well! All is well with my soul.

Roommate and I just burped at the same time. And we didn’t plan it. I’m both grossed out and pleased at the same time. :}
It’s good to be back to Berkeley & to my mansion ladies.

But the past three weeks in socal were much needed. I miss mom, dad, and sisterx2 already. My socal buddies don’t know but I’m secretly very much obsessed with them. :}

And as for the explanation behind today’s illustration pick (it isn’t totally irrelevant):
I drove on the SF bridge for the first time today! (to clarify, I’ve been on the bridge before, but only as a passenger)
It was so amajing! (pronounced ah-ma-jing. I’m not being weird. just quoting ‘Happy Endings’)
I didn’t expect it to be as cool as it turned out to be.  It really feels different on the driver’s side of the car.
Try it and see for yourself!


One response to “Unexpected Things.

  1. oh, do you have a copy of the book? heard about this but not sure if the writing’s good. illustrations are “amajing” though :)

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