The Bourne Legacy (2012)

Oh. Em. Gee.

Am I am I am I excited or wahhhat??

It’s the first trailer of The Bourne Legacy with my absolute favorite…Jeremy Renner

We first met in The Town. He was alright then. No biggie.
So I was surprised to see what a cool guy he was in The Hurt Locker.
And he was just way too lovable in Mission Impossible IV (I was being such an annoying fangirl in the theater.)

And this growing fondness of mine lead me to watch him in 28 Weeks Later
(and I do not, under any any any circumstances, watch scary movies. maybe except for The Shining, which I strangely like),
and by the time he showed up for 5 seconds in The Avengers trailer during the Superbowl, I knew that I would adore him. forever. Haha, I sound creepy. Anyways,

PLEASE watch this in full screen.
His awesomeness cannot be contained by a tiny rectangle.
(and I’m definitely getting that poster. it’s just too good.)
(and for the record, I was actually really sad for him at the end of The Town)


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