V-DAY in fob is B-DAY

Valentine’s day never meant “It’s Valentine’s day!” for me
like it does for everyone else.

It has always meant that my birthday was coming up,
and I don’t think this tradition of mine will ever change. : )

V-day can be full of cheeze but here are some things that I approve:

Bear Hugs via poppytalkhandmade
I especially approve of the bear on the left. :}

Things named Valentine via cencity

The lame-o tradition of watching romantic comedies on v-day.
This year I’m finally going to watch Say Anything.  I’ve been staring at that image of John Cusack holding up his stereo for about a decade now without trying to figure out why. Makes me tired just looking at him. :/

Hand-made valentines and chocolates!

Texts from moms <3


One response to “V-DAY in fob is B-DAY

  1. Let me know what you think of Say Anything. I thought it was blah.
    Yay for commenting on your blog. I never comment because I’m usually reading it at work on my phone and can’t comment.
    Yay for sitting in bed and reading your blog at home.

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