Back from NYC

It took 8am-4pm to get back to Berkeley from NY. NY to CA is only supposed to be a 5-hour ride. But I had to stay in Chicago Midway International Airport for a couple hours for whatever reason I don’t know.

Chicago MDW is probably my 3rd most visited airport, following closely after Burbank and Oakland, and before LAX and SFO. But it’s the only airport I’ve made a home out of. I shamelessly sleep in its chairs, eat their overpriced “lattes” and burgers, and watch the smurfs at the kid’s korner. I know MDW by heart thanks to sucky airplane transfer systems. :T

Thankfully, I had Shawshank and Wuthering Heights with me. I tried to listen to some This American Life podcasts but none of the episodes I had left on my ipod were fun. (Although, I did listen to “Living Without” and “The Incredible Case of the P.I. Moms” on the way to NY. And they were fun :) )

I hope I can get around to writing about the entire trip. I have a feeling I won’t get around to them until after school is over…

Lost my phone in NY btw. :(


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