Summer of ’12: My First Philz

It’s Summer!  I’m so very thankful that school is over (though, I realize, I should be thankful for school too…but that’s just so hard to dooo)
and I’m so very thankful for my Summer plans.  Planning for Summer was more stressful than I thought.  Maybe it’s because I’m going to be….a senior!  *excited and then slowly stunned face*  Can’t believe that I have to stop being a college student one day. Can’t believe that day is nearing.  I still remember being a freshmen. Still very fresh in my mind. (hah)

At the moment:
— drinking a small tesora @ Philz
— filling-in my planner with playdates in Berkeley
— researching for credit cards to use in Paris
— trying to decide between Quilt and Chenson to replace my red envelope bag that I broke :'(

I really like the music at Philz.  Except I can’t make out the lyrics with all the study groups talking about peptides and being hungry.  OH WELL!  I will never know who sings these beautiful songs.


And Now for Some Important Dates that You Don’t Really Need to Know About but Here I Go: 

June 18 – leave Berkeley. go to SoCal for UCLA film producing program (June 25 – Aug 3)
July 28 – big day for my one
Aug 19 – leave SoCal. go to Paris for the Fall semester.
Dec 15 – leave Paris. return to SoCal.

I only have LESS THAN A MONTH! of Berkeley before I head off to SoCal + Paris.
There’s still lots of Bay Area things I haven’t  done yet.  Like Philz for example.

I would also like to: FINALLY go to the Berkeley Marina and see what’s out there, FINALLY tandem bike across the Golden Gate, explore Haight and Hyde, and eat at the Rose Garden. If you want to do any of these things and more, let me know!  I am always up for adventures as long as I have a day or two to recover afterwards.  :)


Autres Summer Goals:

  1. Brush up on my Francais
  2. Blog more
  3. Finish Wuthering Heights
  4. Start memorizing Psalms + NT
  5. Organize & pack up stuff
  6. Sell old junk + clothes
  7. Short film ideas

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