I’m here!

8 hours of sitting in a moving car (much thanks to Mister Man for driving!), listening to sara b, singing to sara b, talking about favorite words/best days/worst days, looking at stars through spotty windshields, holding in pee for really long…and I’m finally in Montrose, CA!  Home of the parents, youngest child, and now, this dog:

The family adopted him a month ago.  I don’t think this picture is a very good one..because in person, he looks like a pug in a pomeranian suit.  He’s not too attractive.  But I find pretty charming his chubbiness + excitement to see me + awkwardly and slowly reaching out his front leg towards my knee.

I look like this right now:

Sometimes I wonder what people look like when they’re writing their blog posts.  I look like a giant hairball with harry potter glasses.
(Is my hair too big?  Does it need some trimming?)

Because I felt so awake from the McD vanilla iced coffee I had earlier, I thought I could write a full report on the status of where I am, what I’m doing, what I need to do, la dee da dee da,

but now I feel like I’m about to crash…so I’ll keep this short.

I have left the bay and will return in 6 months.
I’ll be in Montrose/LA area for the next 2 months. (If you’re in the area, call me maybe!)
I’m going to start my UCLA program next Monday. eeps! (Excited/scared to meet new people.  Feeling tiresome at the thought of having to dress up for UCLA.  No more Berkeley sweatpants and sweatshirts. :/ )

I need to go to the DMV to replace my lost license.

Tomorrow I will be spending the day with mom and sister. Yay!
And I will get to see mom’s new hair color in daylight. (I was only able to see her in the dark since she was sleeping.  After I gave her a hug, I saw something glowing in the dark that was coming out of her head.  Mom has glow-in-the-dark hair!)

My favorite words include chocolate, old, oomph, incandescently, happenstance, and rendition.

Oh. Okay. Yeah. Definitely crashing. K, I’m going going gone.


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