Paris Week 1

Bonjour from Paris!

It’s been almost a week already!  I’ve been meaning to write and post pictures but every day has been kind of crazy, busy, tiring.  Especially tiring.  I keep forgetting to just stay in and recharge and do normal stuff like shopping online or reading and journaling because I’m constantly feeling the need to go out and explore eeeverything.

Well. I’ve decided to stay in today and show you some pictures!

Here I go.

Don’t take United.  Haha.  I say this because I didn’t/couldn’t.  Our flight kept getting delayed and we were on a time crunch.  We were able to get on Airfrance…barely.  After hours of waiting, talking to customer service, running, sweating and laughing at ourselves, we finally boarded to take off for Paris, France.

LAX>CDG crew!  We went through A LOT.  And our first stop: 5 euro pizzas.

First night in Paris!

The next day starts off with….

I’ve been going here almost every other day.  Only place with to-go coffees other than McD’s.

View from Justin’s room.  We live in a building connected to actual parisian residents and next to a bridgetop garden!  You can go jogging on top of it..and guess who brought her running shoes? (me me me!)

On the way to the Eiffel, 7e arrondissement

Gare de Lyon metro station is our home station.  On the way to the Eiffel.

Walked about an hour to the Eiffel…I don’t recommend it because it’s sort of anticlimactic when you finally get there but you’ve been staring at it for an hour already.

Crossing the Seine.  J’adore la Seine.

Light show!  I took multiple shots of these and really really want to make a cinemagraph.  Anybody know an easy way to make one?

Home for the next 4 months: Avenue Daumesnil, 12e arrondissment

Avenue Daumesnil.  Our beautiful avenue of fall leaves and archways.

Back alley shortcut to school.

Every giant door leads to a courtyard.  <3

I can definitely get used to this.  Beautiful parisian windows everywhere.

Afternoon in La Marais, 4e arrondissment

Paris just seems to have all aspects of architecture that I love.  #streetartftw

Just onion soup for Cat, Grand Crème pour moi.

Little gems here and there.

I found Space Invader!  And Cat keeps invading my pictures!  jkjk.


French cuisine attempt No.1, 12e arrondissement

Saumon et crudites entrée

I did not know what I was ordering.  So I definitely did not expect just a bowl of small clams for my main dish.  It was delish but I don’t think I can get used to just clams for dinner…

Justin had a yummy course since he took the safe route of knowing what he was ordering.

Me and Sheen and our very patient server!  The restaurant named us ‘San Francisco’ and ‘Californie’ and we were called that all night.

The best first day of school/I don’t feel like a senior/Le Marché d’Aligre, 12e arrondissement

The first day consisted of going to the open market, buying fruit, then chilling at the tabac with some lattes.

Yay for great first days.

Oh yeah, and then we ate some baguettes and goose pâté on a ping pong table in a park.  Just a regular day at school.  No biggie.


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  1. “Walked about an hour to the Eiffel…I don’t recommend it because it’s sort of anticlimactic when you finally get there but you’ve been staring at it for an hour already.”

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