It takes me awhile to warm up to things. Like Parks & Rec. I tried out its first few episodes when they first came out, gave up, moved on, only to find out 5 seasons later that it’s the only show (other than Friends) that I can come to completely and truly love. I love p & r. If you don’t, you should too.

And now my cold & frigid heart has opened up to Pinterest. I’ve been a member for over a year and have tried, multiple times, to get hooked + keep it going. But like this blog, I ended up abandoning it time after time.

But I think this time, I’m hooked for good. I never really understood all the buzz behind “pinning”– now I know. Haha. I think for someone who’s constantly foraging for ideas/muses/interesting things to get the creative juices flowing, Pinterest is great for collecting, organizing, keeping.

I’ve probably just said everything you  probably already know.

And so in conclusion, I’m a late bloomer. And here is a post that’s almost a year too late.

Past weeks in iphone pics:

IMG_41584 years of them <3

IMG_4159these cool kids

IMG_4156an afterparty for one

IMG_4155yelling at that kid to come down



IMG_4152handing sara an invite to my graduation

IMG_4157watching this girl suffer




Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 14.55.47 PMworking on this movie that gives me literal heartaches!

My absolute LAST final of ever is THIS FRIDAY!!! And then it’s off to a week of CAPS & GOWNS & TASSELS & PARTIES!



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